From Humble Glass to Sheer Class

It’s a chronicle of a far-sighted first foot forward! Color Glo was founded by Everett C Smith in 1973 in Minneapolis, US with the sole aim of becoming the leader in the mobile automotive reconditioning industry. Initially Color Glo worked closely with the glass repair and other products. Smith knew that in order to be the best, Color Glo needed to offer superior quality products. So he set out to start Color Glo’s very first research and development lab that would create an exclusive line of propriety products. The best chemists were hired and after a few years created eight unique repair and restoration Color Glo products.

Our vane was favoured by the winds of change!
In the 80s leather became a popular choice for upholstery and interior detailing in high end cars so Color Glo designed a leather base product that worked so well with leather and a whole new market segment opened up for Color Glo.

Impossible to glow and not grow!
As the years passed and the customers grew, Color Glo’s eight products have grown to 100 products; each product fitting perfectly in the Color Glo system. Color Glo is an eco friendly company so each product is water based, odorless, inflammable, and nontoxic. Color Glo’s reputation as a quality brand spread and the rewards and awards soon followed along with recognition and praise in national and international publications.

The oyster spreads its shell!
Color Glo opened the first franchise in Minneapolis, Minnesota and 35 years later 40 countries are part of the Color Glo network. Color Glo operates two types of franchised systems Color Glo International and Coustic Glo International.

Bursts of first!
In 2006 Color Glo became the first ISO 9001 certified company in the industry and soon became a popular choice in the automotive industry and the boating industry, with car dealerships, rental cars, commercial spaces, airlines, hotels and restaurant. If there was leather, vinyl, glass, fabric, plastic and other material to be repaired, individuals and companies often chose Color Glo.

Big daddies in a queue!
Color Glo’s extensive range of products and exceptional services bagged them service and maintenance deals with Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and contracts with the Federal Aviation Administration approved facilities.

It’s called the ‘generation proof’!
From a small office in 1973 today Color Glo is a third generation family business with offices across the US, training centres, successful franchises operating across the globe, an onsite shipping centre, and offsite manufacturing and warehousing centres.