Leather Repair for homes

At Color Glo, we know how attached you are to your leather sofa set. You’ve had good times entertaining friends and family and watching TV. But of late you’ve started to notice scratches and fine lines marred over its beautiful surface. You are starting to think replacement or re-upholstery. Please don’t. Color Glo will have your sofa set looking as good as new in no time.

Color Glo offers an exciting ranges of services and products designed to service and restore leather, vinyl, fabric, carpet, and hard plastic. After an on-site visit Color Glo specialists will examine your furniture and after a comprehensive evaluation will give your leather furniture the attention it needs: color restoration, leather repair, furniture deodorizing, carpet vacuuming.

Color Glo products are non-flammable, odourless, water-based, environmental friendly and dry quickly.

Unlike other products in the market, our products have been around for 45 years and are being used in over 50 countries. The advantages of choosing Color Glo is that you and your furniture will never have to leave your home. And even if you are planning to sell your leather sofa set Color Glo will give it a good shine after which you will get a higher resale price.

Color Glo brings a shine to your furniture