Enhance Safety with Colorglo Aircraft Maintenance Services

Trust Colorglo for expert aircraft maintenance and experience the difference. Let us keep your aircraft in top condition. Contact us today and fly with confidence.

Whether passengers are on a long or short flight, traveling on business or pleasure, they seek quality, comfort and cleanliness. With so much competition, you wouldn’t want to lose passengers because they found the flight interiors unsightly or the upholstery faded, would you?

Color Glo offers a wide range of products and services that will keep the aircraft interiors; aircraft seats, side panels, headliners, seat bases, table tops, and window reveals vacuumed, waxed and polished. Our services include cleaning and conditioning, repairing worn areas, and re-dying damaged areas. Our products clubbed with our expertise will take care of scratches, stains, and tears of all shapes and sizes.

Color Glo specialists have worked with all grades of leather, vinyl, and plastic. We follow strict quality controls and protocols. One of the many benefits of working with Color Glo is that all our products are FAA/EASA approved and environmentally friendly.

The next time you have an annual inspection coming up, Color Glo will be happy to give your aircraft a facelift.

Products and services that will keep your ratings high


We specialize in repairing tears, scratches, and discolorations on various types of leather sofas.

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